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Gingin Multi Breed Bull Sale 2016

3 March 2016


Mungatta Online K30 ( by Monterey Elegant Lad) Lot 71 is a full brother to the top priced Murray Grey at last year' sale. He is a frame score 6 Bull with a good temperament, softness and weight gain having the highest actual weight for 600d weighing in a large mob of bulls from a moderate birth weight of 39kg. He is a top percentile bull having a top of the range index figures.
Mungatta Ordination K81 (by Mungatta Kingston) Lot 60 is a 6.2 frame bull having growth figures within the top percentiles . He had a birth weight of 44kg and the highest actual 400d weight and scrotal size.
Mungatta Ovation K85 ( by Monterey Elegant Lad) is an impressive 6.6 frame Bull with great length and appeal having a strong topline with sound feet and legs. Actual Birth weight 43kg.
Mungatta Orbit K80 (by Mungatta Issachar ) Lot 74 is a Moderate frame 5.4 bull, BW 30kg which has grown into a bull of good cover, great index values and with growth.
Mungatta Origination K91 ( by Mungatta Kingston) Lot 75 is a 5.8 frame bull which had the highest actual 600d EMA scan. He is a bull with muscling and strength through the spine. Actual BW 43kg.
Mungatta Opus K75 ( by Monterey Electric) Lot 73 is a frame 5.6 Bull with good muscling, length of body with style. Actual birth weight 43kg.
Mungatta Ortega K97 (by Mungatta Kingston) Lot 64 is a frame 5.4 bull of quality having smoothness, with a great topline, yet still retaining good muscling. Actual BW 40kg. He is the youngest bull catalogued.
Mungatta Oslo K95 (by Monterey Elegant Lad)
Oslo is a soft muscled easy doing Grey Bull with an even fat cover, has always been one of the top performers. FS 5 BW 42.
Mungatta Overlander K26 (by Monterey Elegant Lad) Overlander is a stretchy bull which possesses great smoothness though the forequarter with good neck extension. FS 4.8 BW 37kg.
Mungatta Ottawa K43 (by Monterey Elegant Lad)
Ottawa is a very appealing bull who scanned very well, both EMA and IMF. He is a moderate BW 35kg that will go out and do the job. FS 5.2. He has good index figures.
Mungatta Orwell K56 (by Monterey Elegant Lad) Orwell is a middle of the road Bull possessing an even fat cover, good IMF scan with a moderate BW 37kg FS 5.1


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